Vision & Mission

Welcome to JIU where you meet global level high education !

JIU has been planed and prepared since year 2006 with the establishment of FDI(Foundation Duranno Indonesia).  Our vision is to educate Indonesian young generation to professionals who equipped with GLOBAL MINDSET, SUPERB KNOWLEDGE AND ABSOLUTE INTEGRITY, So that they will contribute to the advancement of Indonesian society and the world.

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With the collaboration of educationalists from Korea, Japan, China and U.S., Foundation Duranno Indonesia will build a multi-lingual and inter-cultural based international school that is competitive to global scale competition. JIU College of Foreign Languages (English/Japanese Language and Literature) and JIU College of Economics (Accounting) invite students who is willing to challenge, test and innovate themselves and build their dreams come true.

Equipping godly future leaders to influence the Indonesian society and the world with integrity, excellence, and global leadership competencies based on a biblical worldview.

JIU Intl logo 430 2019


  • Creating a multicultural educational environment based on Indonesia’s cultural heritage to nurture talented people equipped with honesty, professionalism and global competitiveness.
  • Fostering an education and research climate for proactively solving social problems.
  • Serving the local community through activities that promote and disseminate learning opportunities.
  • Developing and implementing a holistic education to raise young leaders with intergrity and moral, well-balanced character and servant leadership.

Strength of JIU

International Level Campus
– Located in the beautiful area of Meikarta with developing future urban infrastructure.
– Eco-friendly campus with modern facilities & dormitory(planned) creating a harmonious learning environment for students.

Academic Excellence
– International faculty with a high level of dedication and experience.
– Holistic education: academic excellence, moral character, cultural fluency & international communication skills.

Global Network
– Powerful global university network provides international learning opportunities for students.
– Overseas study opportunities for language acquisition and student exchange programs.
– Introduction to international graduate programs and career opportunities.

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