Founder's Greeting

“We dream of your great future!”

“JIU was established to educate, train and equip students so that they cultivate good character, leadership, excellent academic competence, and professional skills to lead in the front lines of their future professional fields. Through cooperation between Korean and Indonesian partner institutions and universities, JIU will offer students diverse cultural experiences on and off campus so that they are well equipped and prepared to pursue important roles in the future of our international society.

I invite students to come to discover and unleash their boundless potential by learning from the dedicated faculty members and staff of JIU and to take advantage of our brand new facilities and international education system. I promise that we will serve motivated and passionate students by becoming an important stepping stone for their future career. I strongly encourage students to join JIU to transform the world by being transformed together.”

– Yonggyu Lee Ph.D.

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Founder : Yayasan Generasi Suluh Nusantara
– Cornerstone Global Academy (SDTK)
– 2016.09 ~ Current

Founder : Yayasan Duranno Indonesia
– Korea Education Complex
– 2014.03 ~ Current

Academic Vice President : Mongolia International University
– Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
– 2006.09 ~ 2011.06


Ph.D. : History & Middle East Studies
– Harvard University, USA
– 1996.09. ~ 2004. 06

M.A. :  Asian History
– Seoul National University, Korea
– 1992.03. ~ 96. 02