Scholarship Apply

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JIU Scholarship Apply Guideline

1. Please understand that an application will only be processed when condition is fulfilled for each scholarship.
2. Please understand that all the right of selecting scholarship student is in JIU Scholarship Committee.

3. Please understand that applying a scholarship dose not guarantee success of a scholarship award.
4. Each Applicants are only eligible to apply one scholarship at a time.

Academic Scholarship 
Freshmen Students 
Students with the high admission result can receive an academic scholarship.

– Up to 100 % exemption
Current Students 
Students who have outstanding grades based on GPA in the previous academic year can receive an academic scholarship.

Special Scholarship
Scholarship for Special Achiever 
A student who wins the excellent prize in domestic or international competitions can receive a scholarship for special achiever in the year of entrance according to the standards set by the boards of directors.
Life Scholarship 
The main purpose of this scholarship is to provide equal educational opportunity to students in a certain area and tribes with less educational opportunity.
Scholarship for working students 
Students demonstrating upright conduct while in school and having difficulties paying for their study expenses may be awarded scholarships in return for working in various departments in the school. 

External Scholarship 
If any external scholarship organization or an individual requested that candidates for scholarship be recommended or deposited scholarship funds, scholars shall be selected based on the conditions specified by the party requesting for recommendation; However, the individual cannot designate a specific student as a scholar. 

Apply for Scholarship

Once the application is reviewed, JIU Scholarship Committee will contact to the applicant for detail and supporting documents.