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JIU Art Festival 2022






Marking the end of two whole years of online learning, the Board of students in JIU campus held the Art Festival event in April, 2022. Under the grand theme of ‘The Incredible Art of Diving into Culture,’ this festival was orchestrated solely by the students. This was the manifestation of the students’ diverse talents and those are beautifully merged into a masterpiece. 

The parades of performances consisted of cultural dances, vocal performances, platform stages, musical dramas, and fashion shows. Those expressed the students’ joy of entering into a new season of in-person campus life. Adding onto the excitement, the YWAM Tyler team also performed their art on the special stage. How about food? Don’t worry about that. During the lunch session, delectable traditional food, Indonesian street food, and various beverages, were sold in a bazaar. The students can enjoy Takoyaki here. Craft corners also took part in this event. The handicraft and face painting corner provided by the YWAM team brought joy among students The JIU Art Festival. The staff and the lectures of JIU also attended this festival. They also perform as well by dancing together.






The musical drama performance by students became the crown of all activities by choosing   theme “LIFE.” LIFE is the slogan of JIU which stands for Love, Integrity, Faithfulness, and Excellence. The drama started from fictional kingdom in Indonesia that has crumble situation due to coup d’etat. There were 4 main characters that must find the key from LIFE to restore the country from destruction. They have to spread into 4 different countries namely, Korea, Japan, India, and England. Each of them encounters difficulties but they can overcome. They manage to return to their kingdom and recover their kingdom from damage.


Student Reporter
Seoyon Lee