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On April 23rd, 2021 at 2 p.m, JIU Student Union held a virtual agenda called “JIU Cultural Event”. This event purposed to introduce the culture of several countries such as Korea, Japan, and England. The cool thing is that the event was opened for public without any charge! There were 89 participants attended including JIU students, lecturers, staff, and many guests from different islands of Indonesia. The festivity of the event started when the profiles of the three countries were shown accompanied by BTS – “Life goes on” as the background sound. The MCs who were Febriola Eklesia from sophomore and Yobel Caesar Sianturi from junior led the event with so much enthusiasm.

This event was divided into three seminars with natives as the speakers of each country. The first session was an introduction to Japan via video. This video showed how attractive Japanese culture is; the beautiful traditional clothes, the delicious food, the weather, the eating manners, and many more. Not only a video, but the speaker also explained Japanese culture by a lovely presentation. At the end of it, the session closed with some amazing performances from JIU students. They were make-up art, photoshoots, singing Japanese songs, and playing musical instruments. It was wonderful to get to know more about Japanese culture!

Moving to the second session, was an introduction to the UK. This session started with a video of the UK cultural profile. The video showed about the artsy places in England. Furthermore, the speaker presented a video showing the British royal family, the palace, the traditional events, and many more. At the end of the presentation, there were online quizzes which are very insightful!

The third session was an introduction to South Korea. The session started with a video of our beloved mother Mrs. Grace, who was making the iconic Korean food, Kimchi. Then it is followed with a presentation explaining the origin of Korean culture by a Korean native speaker. It was very educational and interesting!

After all the seminars presented, the Student Union committee also prepared some games which be participated by all the audiences. There were two games featured in this session. The first was called tongue twister. This game required the participants to pronounce an alliteration sentence three times. Some students agreed that it was tough because the sentences were taken from three languages starting from Japan, UK, and Korea. The second game called “Can you guess the song?”. This game required the participants to guess a song by answering them in the chatbox. The fastest is the winner of the game. It was really fun!

At the end of the event, all the participants took some pictures together showing their brightest smiles! Everyone had a great time hoping there will be more engaging events like this from the JIU student union.

To see more events from JIU Student Union, follow its Instagram account: @jiu_studentunion !