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By: Student Union

To celebrate the Youth Pledge Day as well as Language Month which is celebrated on October 28, 2020, the Student Union of JIU held a poem competition with the theme of “UNITY” in order to present that language is the key to human unity. Even though it was held virtually, JIU students were very enthusiastic in participating in this competition as this was the first poem competition organized by JIU Student Union.

Not only students, but three JIU lecturers also participated as judges in this event. They are Mr. Wang, Miss Eunji, and Miss Agnes. Their joy was radiated through their positive comments in order to motivate the contestants. The judges hope that through this competition, students can be motivated to increase their creativity in writing their original poem and reading it in front of people. Not only that, the head of the Student Activity Unit namely Armeldo, uttered his statement, “I hope through this event, we can encourage JIU students to increasingly uphold the value of language as written in the Indonesian youth pledge”.

From this activity, there were 5 best poems that won this competition. The following are the list of winners for the JIU Poem Competition:

  1. Devi Natalia Hutabarat (Unity in Love) 
  2. Agnesia E. Sangka (The Special Creation)
  3. Feby Eklesia (Can’t Do Without You)
  4. Yemima M. Sandy (The Power of Unity)
  5. Artha Na Uli Simarmata (Our Language)

The winners were appreciated through a number of cash prizes. The happiness of the first winner was expressed by her impressions and messages telling how important it is to be unity in love.

At the end of the event, all JIU Students strengthen their kinship by sang JIU’s Hymn entitled “Let’s Walk in The Light” and several other songs. It was joyous and encouraging!