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JIU Students in celebrating the Youth Pledge Day

On October 28th 2021, JIU Student Union held a batik competition among JIU students to celebrate “Youth Pledge Day” or in Indonesian known as Hari Sumpah Pemuda. It aims to encourage Indonesian youth to love Indonesian products as well as culture by posting themselves wearing batik on Instagram. There were many students participated in this competition where they introduced various kinds of batik that have unique patterns. It was fascinating to see Indonesian youth creatively present their love to the country from their captions.

At 4 in the afternoon, the students were announced to gather in the main-hall in order to find out the winners of the competition. Before the announcement, they sang Indonesian hymn entitled “Indonesia Raya” in the opening led by our senior Tiovani Melinda who also in charge of as the MC. After that, there was a speech from the president of the Student Union who encouraged the youth to be passionate in order to positively contribute and play a major role in the development of the country. Furthermore, the students with some lecturers read the youth pledge together. Not only reading the pledge, they also sang “Bangun pemuda-pemudi” as a reminder about the responsibilities they were obliged to bear as the Indonesian youth. It was a serene moment to be sure.

After all the agendas mentioned, the announcement had come to arrive. The students were extremely stormy waiting to know the winners which were shown on their exciting faces. Henceforth, the winners of the competition were Yehezkiel Filips and Sesilia Rambu Niri who earned prizes in the form of money. Beyond just two winners, there were Jovan Genial and Emilia Fortuna who also got Sumba Batik as the special prize.

At the end of it, they captured the moment by taking pictures together. What a momentous day!

Written by Agnesia Sangka
(Content Writing Department of SU)