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For the first-time experience, JIU conducted a Mission Trip that comprises Community Service activities. The purpose of this activity is to be a forum for students to implement what has been learned on campus and use their talents in concrete actions to serve others, specifically regardless of language, ethnicity, religion, and culture. This activity covers the scope of educational and social services.

The first JIU Mission Trip took place in the villages of Pandiangan and Jumantuang, Dairi Regency, North Sumatra Province from 6 – 12 January 2022. The implementation of this activity was aimed to respond to the collaboration between the Dairi regency government and JIU. The number of participants who participated in this activity was 35 people consisting of students, lecturers, and staffs.

Land and air travel for approximately 12 hours did not become an obstacle for participants to stay enthusiastic and enjoy the mission trip. The activity began with a meeting between JIU members and the local government for an introduction and explanation of the purpose and activities that will be carried out there.

The pictures above show the teaching service activities of JIU students (student teaching service) in several schools in Jumantuang village.

Preparation of teaching materials and creativity in the delivery of learning materials is the main goal. This part encourages students’ enthusiasm for learning. The creative learning system is the key to creating an active learning atmosphere and attracting students’ interest.

The pictures above show that the creative learning system is not only place-centered but a strategy for creating a contented and motivating atmosphere so that students do not experience boredom in learning. Learning can still take place in an informal atmosphere, such as playing games or singing a song, where students can be more active while learning.

The long journey and the hot weather did not reduce the children’s intentions and enthusiasm. Smiles of happiness shone on the faces of the children. JIU students also showed the beauty of togetherness there. Differences in language, ethnicity, religion, and culture as well age did not become an obstacle to sharing knowledge and happiness.

JIU members gave an appreciation for their enthusiasm, determination, and efforts by giving awards (gifts) to the children. This also encourages children’s confidence to be even more active in the learning process. Thus, the children can understand that getting something requires effort.

This activity is an experience and learning part for JIU students about the concrete world of education and the importance of improving creative, innovative, and contextual learning strategies.

This activity than opening JIU students’ horizons about the importance of sharing knowledge with anyone regardless of differences, motivates educators in disadvantaged areas to improve competence and creativity in learning, and also helps children in the learning process with more creative and interesting methods and provides new things that were not known before.