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Next Generation Entrepreneurship Training 2023

NGET, or Next Generation Entrepreneurship Training, is a part of the UNESCO UNITWIN program that aims to build sustainable development capacity in developing countries. The program provides training to students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, which is essential for economic and social development in these countries.

On November 22-23, 2023, the NGET program was held again at Jakarta International University. The participants were students of the Entrepreneurship course at Jakarta International University.

The event featured four main speakers:
Professor Jungwha Han, who spoke on “SMART Entrepreneurship in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”
Professor Hyegyu Lee, who spoke on “Entrepreneurial Mindset”
Professor Eungchang Choi, who spoke on “AI Innovation for Entrepreneurs and Startups”
The event was also enriched by the presence of Dosoung Philip Choi, the president of Handong Global University, who spoke on “Learning to Engage the VUCA World: Faithful Presence of Creative Minorities.”

At the end of the first day’s sessions and the beginning of the second day’s sessions, the participants were very enthusiastic about presenting their entrepreneurial projects, which they had discussed together in their teams. The students shared their ideas with enthusiasm, creating a lively and inspiring atmosphere. This session showed the participants’ dedication to the material and their collaborative spirit in developing entrepreneurial ideas.

The NGET program, which was initiated by UNESCO and UNITWIN at Jakarta International University, has had a significant positive impact on students.

With the NGET program, students at Jakarta International University are expected to enter the business world with creative and innovative knowledge and skills that are competitive at the global level. The program is a positive step in shaping a smarter and more sustainable future for entrepreneurship.