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Professional Skills Discussion

Date: Friday, 24th November, 2023
Location: Jakarta International University
Speakers: Raka Tantra Pamungkas, M.Si.,MA. and Fitrah Ningsih

Jakarta International University hosted an event on Friday, 24th November 2023, aimed at enriching the knowledge and understanding of students on the crucial topic of Professional Skills. The event featured two professional speakers, Raka Tantra Pamungkas, a Foreign Service Officer in the FOREIGN MINISTRY of INDONESIA, and Fitrah Ningsih, a Master of Strategic Communication from the University of Western Australia.

The audience comprised not only JIU students but also guests from President University, Institut Teknologi Sains Bandung, and Universitas Pelita Bangsa.

Raka Tantra Pamungkas, a Foreign Service Officer, began by asking, “What do you think of when you hear ‘Professionalism’?” He talked about how important it is to communicate properly at work. He gave examples of using clear and polite language and why it’s crucial to be respectful, depending on who you are talking to. He stressed the need for evidence and references in arguments and suggested proofreading before sending/publishing anything.

As the first speaker concluded, the event transitioned to the second speaker.

Fitrah Ningsih joined the event virtually from Australia. She mentioned the essential role of public speaking in career growth, credibility building, and enhanced communication skills.

She addressed the fear of public speaking and provided practical tips to boost confidence. She emphasized crucial elements in effective communication, such as the importance of nonverbal communication, body language, tone of voice, facial expressions, posture, and appearance.

Attendees left not only with enriched knowledge but also with e-certificates recognizing their participation. Jakarta International University expressed gratitude by presenting awards to both Raka Tantra Pamungkas and Fitrah Ningsih, acknowledging their invaluable contributions.