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Reading the Bible is a spiritual activity organized by the Student Affairs Division, implemented at the beginning of the even and odd semester every year. The purpose of the Reading the Bible activity is to cultivate the spirituality of JIU students that is realized in the campus community and the surrounding environment. This activity is elective. Thus, the participants do not get compulsion by any party.

On 21-25 December 2021, the Reading the Bible activity was conducted as one of the requirements for students to take a part in the Mission Trip activity. This activity was held from 08.00 AM to 10.00 PM conferring to a predetermined schedule.



Reading the Bible activity began with a prayer and worship session together. Then, continued with the reading of God’s Word according to the session that had been organized by the committees. The campus also provided meals for lunch and dinner as well as snacks that were distributed at the beginning of the activity. Participants were allowed to eat their snacks during this activity to withstand drowsiness and tiredness. The challenge of the Reading the Bible program is the commitment to keep focused on long-term reading activities. However, all participants were whole-hearted and enjoyed participating in this activity from the beginning until the end.

It can be seen in the picture that each participant has their own sitting style (posture) and their technique for participating in and enjoying this activity. Some students sit in an upright position, relaxed position while enjoying snacks. This shows that each participant has an idiosyncratic (unique) way of learning and absorbing knowledge. Participants are not required to study all the readings material at one time, but the way participants learn to position themselves in reading and understand what they are reading. The spiritual aspect is subjective and built with an individualistic perspective. Therefore, it is hoped that through Reading the Bible activities, participants can experience personal growth and spiritual experiences that become the basis for their lives in fulfilling their needs as homodivinous.

At the end of this activity participants will make a brief description of the Reading the Bible activity which is also an evaluation for the Student Affairs Division and the committee.