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Seminar on business and marketing



JIU students attended a seminar titled “Marketing paradigm and customer relationship management (CRM) & Entrepreneurship and business model planning” which were delivered directly by lecturers and assistants to Shanghai Jiao Tong University professor, Shanghai (SJTU), Sunghan Ryu PhD. On the first day students learned about the techniques and definitions of marketing, and how students establish good and true relationships with customers, as well as opportunities to market international scaled products.

Then on the second day the students were learned about the knowledge of business and entrepreneurship. The students learned how to design a long-term business and analyze it, besides that Mr.Sunghanyu.PhD explained how to start a business or fundraising called Crowdfunding which makes it easier for a business person to create. In the beggining of this event, all the students got a certificate that will be useful for the future.